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Reporting solutions

Formulayer solutions for better efficiency

Reduce the time and effort it takes to manage approaching request. Assist groups with getting down to business so they can spend enough time on accomplishing the work they do best.

For more information, please see formulayer.com.

PI Insurance

The most up-to-date UK Solicitors Data Rental List on the market.

Access to over 10,150 Head Offices including Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses
Special all-inclusive rates available for PII Campaigns (click here)

Marketlayer offer a complete Digital and Direct Mail Lettershop and Broadcasting Service for your businesses to help promote your products and services to the Legal Services, Recruitment Agencies, CPD Providers and PI Insurance Companies.

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Digital services include:

  • Targeted cost effective email campaigns with no wastage
  • Total flexibility on the timing of your digital campaign
  • Standard counts provided within two hours for an efficient service
  • Full Broadcast stats provided with totals on opens, clicks and unsubscribes etc

Direct Mail services include:

  • A4 Letter Setup and Proofing
  • Mail merging and laser personalisation
  • Full Lettershop Mailsort and PPI Posting
  • Enclosing and Fulfilment
  • Royal Mail and Whistl despatch

Email Broadcasting

Bespoke email template design, responsive to suit all devices.

Bespoke email template design service
Dynamic Forms Design
Fully Responsive Design to suit all mobile devices
Automated triggered campaigns
A/B Split Testing
Integrated email campaign tools
In-depth analysis for opens, unsubscribes and click through rates
Integration with Google Analytics


As well as managing your database, Marketlayer can create an API for you to access this data from your applications.

“In the world of cloud computing, APIs are the new currency” - S. Somasegar Microsoft
API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool. With our bespoke written APIs or software-to-software interface, we can enable your applications to talk to each other without any user knowledge or intervention by way of seamless integration regardless of however many applications are working together in the background.


We can set up your databases to be clean fast and efficient, as well as actively managing all your data.

Database design and development
Database Management and enhancement
Data Processing Services
Database analysis and in-depth reporting
Data Conversions and Suppressions
Database profiling
Data Quality Assurance
Data supply and rental


University Predictive Analysis Report

By scrutinising a minimum of 3 years previous University Applicant data, the data is split by school and then segmented on propensity to identify the likelihood of an applicant to choose one university over another from their initial UCAS applied for choices.

With the help of various external datasets and variables including Polar Classifications, Expected Qualifications and Distance, the results are consequently segmented into four groups (Low, Medium, High, Very High) for each school

Segment Strategy

Two predictive statistical procedures are utilised

  • CHAID (decision trees)
  • Logistic regression

CHAID works by scanning through all of the available data/metrics, from which it then prioritises them, cutting on statistical significance whilst actively creating branch variables.

Logistic regression works by scanning through all available data/metrics, it then merges the significant variables into one ‘predictor’ variable. It does not detect branch relationships.

  • Using Pen Portraits as the output from the logistic regression procedures, these describe each segment showing the conversion drivers that make the ‘high’ and ‘very high’ segments powerful.
  • Some variables within the Pen Portraits can show little nor No difference / effect across the four segments as can be seen in particular Polar classifications. Lessons can be learnt from this and new directions and modelling by using the Uni Layer Tools should be actioned and incorporated into the University’s recruitment strategy.
  • The Excel tool demonstrates which Competitors and Feeder schools come out top on the ranking across the four segments and can be adjusted to gauge and to take note of the variables that make up the results.


Following todays standards, we can create you a website which will impress.

Cost effective innovative ecommerce solutions
Bespoke design and development
Responsive Design
Integrated web applications
Customer response management systems
In-house 24/7 Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Hosting Solutions

Direct Mail

We specialise in setting up your direct mailing requirements, whether it be physical or digital.

Complete Digital Lettershop Facilities
Forms Design - Full in-house lettershop design and proofing services
Print - Litho & Full Colour Digital Lasering and Personalisation
Enclosing - Mechanical & Manual
Royal Mail Mailsort/Walksort/Streamline
Downstream Destination Sort incl Whistl formerly TNT
Republic of Ireland AnPost PostAim Mailsort


We can turn your data into easy to understand infographics, making visuallising your data even easier.

Infographics is an essential communication tool for visual representations of information and data. It has become more and more popular to design and produce fascinating as well as insightful infographics that help cement a brand image. It is an important aid for many of our customers and we have recognised the power to convey messages with infographics.

Marketlayer can design and create the infographics to suit your needs and convert your data into meaningful visual facts to convey your message and support your brand. Marketlayer have worked closely with a number of clients producing infographics with their data to support presentation pieces, communicate marketing messages and enhance their portfolio offering.

Consider Marketlayer with your next visual data needs.


Applicant Tracker

For more information, please see APPLICANT TRACKER.


B2B Educational Marketing

Using our verified and up-to-date datasets we can design a Digital Email Broadcast and/or Direct Mail Campaign for you to address this lucrative sector, totally branded with your corporate image and offerings. We can contact all or individual geographical areas and address a variation of contacts, mail or email these and keep you updated with all opens, click-throughs and responses.

For more information, please see edulayer.co.uk.

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